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Analysis of Development Situation and Prospect of Die Casting Enterprises in China

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With the rapid development of market economy and demographic dividend in recent years, die-casting products have entered the era of meager profit. The current situation in our country shows that it has become a trend for the general public to go from a period of high profits to a period of low profits. Reduce costs, ensure quality, develop new products is the only way to win the market in the meager profit era
How to improve production efficiency and product quality related to the competitiveness of enterprises. Through energy-saving reform, can effectively solve the traditional die-casting industry, high energy consumption, high temperature, high noise, high pollution and other issues.
Unreasonable design, die-casting machine energy consumption is too large
Unreasonable design, die-casting machine energy consumption is too large
Although China started late die-casting machine, but the rapid development. Casting machine tonnage content from the maximum 500T to today's 4000T, Die Casting from the past few grams to 50 kg, hydraulic transmission control technology is even changed the original use of real-time control of the die-casting machine completely dependent on the state of imported machine. However, there are great drawbacks in the design and manufacture of die-casting machine dynamic structure. At present, the high market share of die-casting machine power structure consists of three-phase asynchronous motor and vane pump composition, loss of power and wandering too much waste of reactive power is also great.
In addition, for the die-casting industry, the stability of casting quality directly determines its market position, the direction of the development of high-end die-casting castings is the trend of the times, which inevitably cast higher stability requirements of quality casting, die-casting machine energy saving again Was put on the enterprise "agenda." China Die Casting Machine has basically experienced energy saving PLC in accordance with the process control, the system of high and low pressure dual pump control, system pressure, flow rate control, energy-saving inverter control, servo drive control and several other stages. And, with the maturity and cost reduction of servo technology in recent years, the servo system with high performance is already the first choice for the transformation of die-casting machine.
Innovative technology, servo into the new vitality
Servo system adopts closed-loop speed control and high repeatability of injection operation position. The product has high precision and consistency. It overcomes the change of speed caused by the change of voltage and frequency of ordinary grid due to the variation of grid voltage and frequency , The shortcomings of the product yield reduction. At the same time, combined with excellent intelligent control system, you can effectively improve the production efficiency and improve the operating environment. With a hydraulic pump or variable displacement pump quantitative die casting machine, after the system optimization and transformation, energy-saving effect of up to 25% to 60%.
In this meager profit era, technological innovation is the driving force and guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises. Although China's die-casting equipment, especially large-scale die-casting equipment in the design methods, manufacturing processes, work efficiency, energy consumption, reliability and other aspects compared with the developed countries there is still a big gap, but the continuous application of servo technology to promote die-casting enterprises to provide a more Flexible space.


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